Friday, November 23, 2012

Button Ornament Tutorial

Button Christmas Ornament

I have wanted to make one of these ornaments all year long! I love buttons and have quite a collection of vintage and brand-new colorful buttons. However, do not fear if you are not a collector, craft stores have an amazing selection of buttons and even have whole bags of Christmas colors! I made this ornament in 20 minutes - so it is quick and easy - a great DIY gift or decoration for your tree!

The Materials:

-Foam balls 
-push pins (pearlized shown here)
-colorful buttons of varying sizes (you'll need small ones to help cover the spots in between the larger buttons)
-string or ribbon

Step 1

Push a pin through one of the button holes, 1 pin per button, layering so there is little to no space between the buttons

Step 2

Continue adding buttons in varying sizes and colors to your liking...

It doesn't have to be perfect, once you hang it up you won't be able to see the spaces in between  - just do the best you can, you can always take out the pins and rearrange the buttons. That's the best thing about this project, it isn't permanent!

Step 3

Tie a ribbon or string (I used some thick embroidery thread) onto the top of one of the pins securely, tie the other end (here I tied it in a bow) and push the pin into the top between a few of the buttons where the sides show off the best of  your chosen buttons!

Here is a picture of the finished ornament and the left over supplies I am going to use for more ornaments or a Button Christmas Tree using a foam cone! (I'll post pictures if I make that). Also, I used approximately 1 package of  push pins per ornament but I like to use many small buttons on them - so that might be just me. :)
Happy Holidays and Happy crafting!


Made a Christmas Tree from a foam cone and wanted to share this as well! Same concept and supplies just pinned the buttons around the cone instead. Tip: Be careful to pin at a downward angle towards the top of the cone so the pins do not come out the other side!
I think I love it even more than the ornament!


  1. Oh, the ornament and the tree too turned out so pretty - I love this idea! All I need are some buttons...lot's of buttons... I've got this linked to my ball ornaments roundup post too today, happy holidays!

  2. I absolutely think you are brilliant Amy. This is going to be so much fun to give as gifts (next year). Thank you for sharing Amy and a wonderful holiday wished to you and yours.

  3. This is an old post that I stumbled onto. But I Love the Christmas tree.


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